Annual System Tune-Up

  1. Clean interior of heat exchange, flue pipe and base of stack (if possible)
  2. Replace oil filter cartdridge
  3. Replace oil burner nozzle
  4. Replace air filter
  5. Check combustion chamber
  6. Clean electrodes and replace if needed
  7. Check and test operating and safety controls
  8. Check and lubricate motors
  9. Check and adjust fan belt (if applicable)
  10. Adjust heating unit to maximum efficiency
  11. Perform an efficiency test

Professional preventative maintenance is strongly recommended annually for all heating systems. Maintaining and adjusting your oil burner will help save over 10% on heating costs and add years to the life expectancy of this expensive equipment.
Please refer to the parts list under Comprehensive Maintenance Plan.

The TANK ASSURANCE PROGRAM is available to our customers for 275 gallon above ground tanks. The coverage for the tank does require the customer to purchase all their heating oil from Whiting Energy. If the oil tank fails, the Limited Warranty will provide tank replacement coverage for the tank and parts listed below up to $1,500.00 of coverage.

The following is included:
  • 275 gallon steel tank. (Roth and all other steel
    tanks are additional cost)
  • Legs on new tanks only
  • Vent alarm* Gauge
  • Firomatic valve
  • Complete oil filter
  • Fill and vent caps
  • Fill and vent piping up to 20 ft.
The following items are not included:
  • Cement pads
  • Containment
  • Tank disposal
  • Excess oil
  • Oil disposal
  • Local fire department permits
  • Traffic barriers
  • Environmental cleanup*
  • Any taxes that may levied in the future
  • Oil lines (if needed to meet code laws)

Tanks must be inspected before insurance can be issued. All tanks must be accessible for inspection. There will be a ninety day grace period on new accounts before a claim can be honored.

Comprehensive Maintenance Plan

11-Point Heating System Tune-Up

Please refer to list above.

Tank Assurance Program

Please refer to description above.

24 Hour Emergency Service

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to Comprehensive Maintenance Plan Customers. If your heating system needs repairs after normal business hours give our office a call and we will take care of the rest. There will be a labor charge for service between 8pm to 8am of $100.

Parts and Labor Coverage

If your furnace or boiler requires service, the parts listed and the labor to replace them will be covered at no cost to you. There will be a labor charge for service between 8pm to 8am of $100.

Parts Covered

  1. Standard Fuel Pump (single stage)
  2. Oil Burner Pump Couplings
  3. Standard 007 Circulator
  4. Fire-O-Matic Valve
  5. Fire-O-Matic Switch
  6. Oil Burner Switch
  7. Cad Cell Complete
  8. Relays R7284, 7224U, ProMax Control
  9. Emergency Switch
  10. Oil Filter Cartridge
  11. Direct Drive Motor (up to 1/2 HP)
  12. Standard Blower Motor (up to 1/3 HP)
  13. Standard Oil Burner Motor (up to 1/4 HP)
  14. Ignition Transformer
  15. Ignition Electrodes
  16. Delayed Action Oil Valves
  17. Oil Burner Fan
  18. Nozzle
  19. Standard Circulator Motor
  20. Blower Belt
  21. Pro 1000 Heat and Cool Thermostat
  22. Single Acting Aquastat
  23. Standard Tank Gauge
  24. Fan and Limit Control
  25. Glass Gauge and Washer

We request, before you schedule maintenance, please remove all items from the area surrounding your oil burner and oil tank. The entire heating system including the tank must be accessible for our technicians. Enrollment in the ASSURANCE PROGRAM is contingent upon the customer's tank passing an initial visual inspection. While we cannot gaurantee the prevention of a leak or other failure of your tank, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of the Assurance Program offer.